Back story 

Over the last two years, I had a lot of questions.

My questions all stemmed from an experience I personally had during a narcissistic relationship that involved the induction, in me, of what seemed to be "artificial emotions".

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The steps beyond

“Do narcissists/borderlines induce false emotions in us?”

The resultant interviews and private conversations created a domino effect for me of investigation and development.

I wasn’t just looking for how or why these things can happen within the narcissistic dyad

I was looking for answers on how to recover and how to ensure we never go back.

The Answers are not easy

This course easily took the longest to develop and took the heaviest toll on me personally.

It seems that the narcissistic relationship actually submerges the target into a Matrix like virtual reality that Sam Vaknin describes as the “shared fantasy” (developed from a concept by a psychiatrist called Sander in ´89).

What I try to do is to make complex issues simpler and less intimidating so I began trying to make a full assessment of the threat and how the predation process operates in a step by step way in order to identify the damage done to us, where specifically and then how to recover.  

Broadly the process breaks down into:

1. The Bait

A big promise to a high-leverage scenario offering access to a very scarce but highly desirable resource

2. The Covert Contract

That coerces our consent, making us a party to our own abuse

3. The Shared Fantasy

Swept away into a matrix where we are directionless, senseless, and subject to abuse in a foreign mindscape

These 3 steps obviously break down into smaller parts. 

The important thing is that they are ALL highly damaging and we must resolve ALL the issues in order to recover fully and to ensure we never fall prey to a narcissistically abusive relationship again.

This course presents a (roughly) 60 to 90-day protocol to do just that.

It also has an updated and streamlined “Break the Trauma Bond” to accelerate the recovery process.

6 Monthly Installments GBP (£41.00 per Month)
6 Monthly Installments USD ($49.50 per Month)


Disclaimer: The course and the material presented in this course is for education purposes only and does not replace face-to-face therapy with a qualified mental health professional.