Is your inner voice constantly dragging you down?

Imagine how much more confident and relaxed you would feel if that voice constantly judging and berating you for your every move was SILENCED and in its place you heard words of affirmation and encouragement.

A harsh “inner critic” (the judgmental voice many of us carry in our heads) can be so powerful that it causes us to completely freeze in the face of carrying out our normal daily lives.

In order to SILENCE the inner critic and replace it with a voice that is supportive and understanding, you must be willing to commit completely to a daily discipline that I will help you follow through with.

"Silence the Inner Critic" by Ricard Grannon

Claim Your Right to a Positive Self-Image

This course will push you and will “trigger” you as you move out of the “safe”/known and comfortable dimension of self-condemnation into kindness and affirmation. The Good News: It works. I've used these techniques on myself and over months and years the inner critic has shrunk to a whisper when it pops up under times of extreme duress and is largely silent. Thousands of my clients have also learned to do this. You can to!

What you will learn


Techniques to Quiet the Inner Critic

Master practical techniques to reduce the frequency and intensity of negative self-talk.


Building Self-Compassion

Learn to treat yourself with the same kindness you would offer to others, enhancing your emotional resilience.


Strategies for Daily Practice

Implement daily disciplines that reinforce positive self-talk and gradually silence the critical voice.


Coping with Triggers

Gain skills to manage and respond to stressors that typically amplify self-criticism.

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What others are saying:
A man wearing glasses and a black shirt.

"I deeply appreciate Richard Grannon's work in helping people understand and overcome narcissistic abuse and cult brainwashing. While what was done to many of us might have been unavoidable and perhaps out of our control, the healing and preventative measures are very much in our control. Grannon inspires us to find our individuated self and interrelate with society as a more whole human, dropping essential knowledge for living a more meaningful life."

Mark Vicente, Film Director

A man with long hair wearing a hat and tie.

"Grannon helps us navigate the most difficult terrains of the human psyche with a unique combination of intellect, humor, and personal experience. Rather than keep his distance behind a cold glass partition, he reaches out to say, 'This is what happened to me, and these are the techniques that helped me get through it."

Sean Ono Lennon, Musician

A woman wearing glasses looking at the camera.

"Richard Grannon is simply the best!He've helped me getting through an ugly breakup. I'm doing great now but keep listening and learning because it's so interesting to understand layers and layers and...
Thank you for being so amazing!"


A woman is smiling and posing for a picture.

I've been following Mr. Grannon, drawn to his authenticity discussing NPD. Inspired by his story, I bought "A Cult of One," adding depth to my healing journey. Philosophy and psychology fascinate me, and his philosophy channel resonates deeply. Richard's use of his experiences to aid others earns my respect. He inspires me to pursue solution-focused hypnotherapy, specializing in PTSD and CPTSD. Thanks to Richard, his team, and guest speakers for their dedication in providing valuable tools for healing.


A black and white photo of a woman smiling.

Throughout my youth, I grappled with understanding emotions and human psychology, unaware of my right to boundaries due to childhood emotional abuse. Discovering Richard Grannon's YouTube channel was eye-opening, consoling, and entertaining. It led to further discoveries, making me stronger today. Thank you, Richard, for your impactful work. Keep it up!


A close up of a person wearing a black shirt.

In 2020, I stumbled upon Richard Grannon while researching "repetition compulsion," seeking insight into my recurring mistakes. For two years, his warmth and humor filled my ears, guiding me out of codependency's darkness through his courses. Richard's brilliance in emotional regulation and healing from CPTSD is unmatched. Thanks to him, I've learned to self-source and safeguard my life force, achieving sovereignty. Though no longer needing his guidance, I'm forever grateful for his historic contribution to online healing.


A woman with long hair smiling at the camera.

"Big thank you for saving my life! Finally over my violent ex, thanks to you, friends, & 10 years of martial arts. Today, life's better than ever. After 2 years with him & 1.5 years of disciplined work, I no longer subscribe to Instagram or YouTube or anyone teaching about narcissists. Interpreted as a sign of healing. Keep helping without babying, demanding responsibility for our own lives."


A close up of a person

Richard Grannon's knowledge and insight on narcissism and the effects of this type of relationship helped me understand my own. His tools on CPTSD and trauma became everyday practices I used to navigate my own life. The five-finger technique I found uniquely helpful. His humor and presence on YouTube are comforting and pleasant to watch and listen to. His book, Cult of One, was easy to comprehend and an enjoyable read.


A woman with blonde hair sitting in a car.

Richard Grannon's YouTube videos shed light on my experiences after years with a diagnosed Narcissist claiming bipolarity. His channel led me to his courses, pulling me from darkness. Daily, I'm thankful for finding his content. I highly recommend "Unplug from the Matrix" too.


A black and white photo of a smiling woman.

I stumbled across Richard during an interview and was struck by his insightful explanation of narcissism. Now a consistent student of his content, I frequently recommend his videos. Richard's vast knowledge of NPD is accessible and engaging. He delivers difficult truths in a way that makes it easier to understand and provides actionable guidance. His self-understanding prompts greater responsibility and compassion. I'm grateful he shares his knowledge freely.


Richard’s courses are insightful, clearly delivered, and applicable to all individuals looking to recover from or help someone recover from a toxic relationship. Richard’s view on interpersonal relationships from various cultural backgrounds was fascinating and enlightening. His realistic and brutally honest view of romantic relationships and NPD is refreshing. I have learned so much and used it personally and in my professional life as well.


I've been a follower of Richard Grannon since 2016. His advice was invaluable during a difficult time in my life, making it an easy decision to sign up for his courses. I've taken most of them and found them profoundly helpful. The “Summoning The Self” course was life-changing, forcing me to face past decisions and giving me ownership of my mistakes. Thanks to Richard's unique approach, I'm making daily steps toward my goals and overcoming previous freeze/fawn responses. Many thanks, Mr. Grannon.


Richard’s work has been crucial to my healing and recovery, not just from narcissistic abuse, but also in recognizing my maladaptive behaviors that led to toxic relationships. I am completely different after doing RG’s Fortress Mental Health Protection System and using his Emotional Literacy and Hand Mnemonic tools. His knowledge on abuse and trauma, and his easy delivery of game-changing information make his content easy to follow. Thank you, Richard!


Richard Grannon's YouTube videos helped me understand Narcissism when I needed it most. He explains the subject in an easy-to-understand way and offers new, out-of-the-box insights. I also purchased a course and his book "Cult Of One," which provided many aha moments and home truths. Now, as a trainee counsellor on the other side of healing, I pass my knowledge and compassion onto clients and friends in need. Thank you, Richard.


After 45 years of confusion, "Families and How to Survive Them" by John Cleese and Robin Skynner offered some insights, but I still struggled to understand my dysfunctional family. In 2018, living in Thonburi, I started Richard Grannon's paid course, which became a real eye-opener. Numerous of his complimentary courses online have given me the insights on how to deal with unhealthy narcissistic people and people who I can now classify as suffering from NPD.


I can honestly say that I am here today because I took the Matrix Course. After 36 years of abuse and another affair, I told my wife I wanted a divorce. Things got crazy, and I doubted my sanity. She was determined to have NPD, and I was advised to research it. That's when I found "What you need to know to heal from narcissistic abuse" on YouTube. Richard Grannon's course restored my sanity and made everything make sense. Nine months later, I am making friends, laughing, and happy with life again.

B. Wass

Ready to Replace those Negative Thoughts with Positivity?

Silence Your Inner Critic and Embrace Confidence

Transform your inner dialogue and your life with our comprehensive course. Gain access to a wealth of lessons and modules that will teach you how to say no, make decisions in your best interests, and ask directly for what you want. Establish stronger boundaries, enhance the quality of your relationships, and reclaim your confidence to live life on your own terms.

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The course includes videos, step-by-step guides, and practical exercises.

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Most people see significant improvements within 60-90 days.

Can this course replace therapy?

This course complements therapy and provides valuable tools. It does not seek to replace a therapist. You are responsible for your own well-being.

What if I am not satisfied with the course?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can request a full refund if you're not satisfied.

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You will have lifetime access to this course forever.

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