Rethinking Narcissism: New maps, new meanings


On December 3-rd 2023 I'll be running a one off seminar near London Heathrow airport.


In this seminar:

  • I will be talking about the new model I've developed for the actual trajectory of narcissistic abuse relationships, which differs in some significant ways from the one we are currently using. And will have far reaching effects for how we develop solutions. 


  • I want to present an alternative diagnostic model that will allow clients and therapists alike to get a more nuanced view of the subtypes of narcissists. Yes, these differences are subtle but critically important to the recovery of narcissistic abuse victims for whom the validation of knowing what they were dealing with is a critical step in recovery.


  • I will outline my alternative model for offering therapy to victims of narcissistic abuse specifically – it is only HALF WAY complete, but the first 5 steps of the recovery process are fully developed and I would like to share them with clients and therapists alike as I think they are extremely high leverage concepts for moving clients out of the (potentially never ending) “post narcissistic embitterment” phase and accelerate them back into a thriving and peaceful life.


  • We will be looking at full scale recovery and development as human beings, using my book “A Cult Of One” as a grounding point for the full scale, global, societal and spiritual implications of narcissistic abuse with a view to building a better world. 

This seminar will cover a LOT of ground. It will be filmed but the footage will not be released until the my book on the subject is out in July of 2024.

I will happily give access to the footage to all seminar attendees. 
BUT PLEASE do not record me while Im delivering the seminar and DO NOT share the footage with anyone who didn’t attend the seminar. 

This seminar will be great for: 

- People seeking to overcome Narcissistic Abuse personally.

- Coaches, therapists and counsellors who have clients abused by NPD who struggle to make strong and last gains with them due to the side effects of the abuse itself (which of course can include rejecting help and rejecting the healing process altogether).
- Codependents who experienced Narcissistic Abuse and struggling to overcome the experience of feeling possessed by the Narcissist and the traumatic experience itself.

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