This is the only trigger warning you are going to get, I am NOT speaking on this course in the delicate and careful tones of a “mental health advocate”, I'm speaking as an entrepreneur.

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Easily Offended? Please Move on


Don’t like Profanity? It's not for you


Thin skinned, hypersensitive, and dreaming of easy cash? There is literally nothing I can do for you


You are sick of being sold nonsensical thick-theoried sales and marketing concepts that are delivered by people who could not and HAVE NOT sold a pair of socks…

You are tired of struggling for cash every month desperately trying to make ends meet.

You are willing to be humble, to be open and to LISTEN.

You are willing to put in HARD WORK to make an enterprise work for your benefit and the benefit of your customers in an ethical way and on your terms…

These are the simple, raw...

They aren’t clever or complex


 If you have a product or service to sell I can 100% take that from a concept in your head to money in your bank.


 They don’t rely on jargon and bizarre new concepts


 They work across ALL FIELDS of business and they are easy to learn but take time and graft to enact.

You can learn all of this within 3 hours

Apply them at every stage of your business from concept development, product design, sales, marketing, and fulfillment. You can come back and check if they are in accordance with the rules OR in defiance of them.

The biggest secret to business success? THERE IS NO SECRET.

Deliver the right product or service to the right market at the right time and place at the right price and YOU WILL BE GIVEN MONEY.

“But if its so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it?”

Two reasons:

Two Reasons

1. Simple is not EASY:

as you develop your business and go from concept to money in the bank you can expect that everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. You need to be resilient and determined.


can I teach people who already decided they no more than me? No. Can I teach people who think Bilbo Baggins down the road is going to give them the magic beans and make them a millionaire in 6 months with strange and bewildering new “business hack” concepts? Of course not. Their big fat stupid ego will block their big fat stupid ears and they will hear nothing and DO NOTHING.

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The course and the material presented in this course is for education purposes only and does not replace face-to-face therapy with a qualified mental health professional.